Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Surprise Ball!

I was fortunate enough to get in on the "Surprise Ball" gift exchange hosted by Melissa over at "Oh, My Darling". What a great idea! It was really an exciting process, finding things to put into my partner, Angie's ball. And then figuring out HOW to make the ball round was interesting. I didn't take pictures of the one I made, but it came out a little cone-shaped. (Just a little.)

My ball came in the mail yesterday, but I wasn't able to pick it up until this morning. I couldn't wait to open my box and start unwrapping my ball! It was like being a little kid again.

My partner was Angie, from "angie may handmade". I've posted about Angie a couple of times. She has a gorgeous Etsy shop, where she sells jewelry, little owls, and other things she's made. I was lucky enough to get a little owl in my ball! He's so cute, and will live with his brothers in my shadowbox.

I ended up with a lot of cute stuff! A lot of Hello Kitty, which is probably one of my most favorite things ever. She also found miniature art supplies. A tiny set of watercolors and colored pencils. Even a little keychain notepad! Adorable.

I was really excited when I saw the hair flowers Angie included. I have to go to a party Thursday night and dress like a "pin up" girl, or at least accessorize accordingly. ;) They are PERFECT, and now I won't have to make my own hair flower!

She also included a really great quote that will be going in my "art journal". It says:

I totally believe that. My life has been much richer and more meaningful since I've gotten back into my crafting. It had been YEARS since I sat down at my sewing machine or tried to learn how to make something new. I've been doing something creative almost every day for the last few weeks. It's amazing the pride, fulfillment, even the frustration at times, that you can feel. There's nothing better than looking at something you've made and knowing you did a good job, even if the process was difficult at times.

Thank you so much, Angie! I love everything you put into my ball, and appreciate your hard work and thoughtfulness. I hope you like your "Surprise Ball" as much as I do mine! :)


  1. This post warms my heart!!! What a fun surprise ball!

  2. Aww your ball looks great! I had mine a while back, this is by far the most fun swap. I did a video post for mine, which you can see on my blog if you wish!

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  3. im so glad you like your surprise ball!! :D it was so much fun! i really enjoyed being a part of this project. <3

  4. those things are so ridiculously cool!! and i got your letter yesterday and was so excited!!!


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