Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's in my bag?

I'm a bit of a fan of the "What's in my bag?" posts that other lovely bloggers have done. So, I'm following this trend, and posting my own.

I have been using this military style messenger bag off and on for the past two years. I LOVE military-inspired clothing and accessories. My bag, however, is an actual "army bag" from the military surplus store. (The second I've owned.) I bought it several years ago while on vacation in San Francisco. I put it away, and hadn't used it for years. I was trying to find the perfect feminine handbag, and eventually gave up, knowing I LOVED my "army bag"!

These are buttons that I attached to the flap of my bag. The "Art Beat" button is from my college last year. I participated in "Art Beat Week". There was an art show and several games throughout the week. The pink skull pin is from an Etsy shop, "sugarskull7" that sells rubber stamps and stuff. I purchased a journal from her, and she sent me a pin in my package.

My bag tends to get pretty messy. I usually just shove my receipts and paper trash into my bag, to be cleaned out "later". Which usually ends up being a lot LATER. Thankfully, I had cleaned it out a couple of days ago.

As for the actual contents, this morning my bag contains:
(from top right)
two dimes that were rattling around the bottom of my bag,
a thimble I had purchased at the fabric store,
my cell phone,
red Hello Kitty daily planner which makes me LOOK organized,
name tag for work,
hair clips,
two tubes of lip balm,
Robert Plant free iTunes download card from Starbucks,
green cosmetic pouch filled with lip gloss, Pier 1 paper soap (just in case) and peppermint Altoids smalls,
coupons, papers, and a paper shopping bag from returning my fiancé's jeans (they were just gonna throw it away at the store),
my silver wallet that usually holds my phone in the front pocket.

What's in YOUR bag?


  1. I love whats in my bag posts! :)
    Your green cosmetics purse is so cute! I used an army store bag for many years too, the're just so practical and do go with everything!

  2. I've been thinking about doing one of these posts!! :) I also just shove everything in to it...and I have a few that I change around so i never know where anything is!

  3. I'm actually pretty shocked my photos came out as well as they did. Probably the last sunny-ish days up here for a while now.

  4. I really love your bag. I wished I was able to get one in green, maybe another time. I really like your hello kitty planner (even if I don't really like Hello Kitty :D)


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