Friday, May 28, 2010


I love Etsy. I was looking at my "favorites" the other day, and realized Etsy suggests shops with items they think you'll like. One of the shops was "Lola's Room". She does beautiful photography. I would love to purchase one of each of her lovely prints. Here's just a few:


"An Uninvited Guest"

"The Shoe Collection"

I also found an incredible DIY "bubble chandelier" that I thought was SO cute/cool/pretty/elegant. Apparently, this lady made it for her lingerie shop, and people were writing her wanting to know how it was done.

They made it out of silver Christmas ornaments and glass bubble balls from CB2. Since I've already had the bubble balls on my gift registry for my wedding, I just increased the quantity I'm requesting. (Although, I'm not expecting anyone to actually purchase these for me. Just thought they were super cute.)

Their instructions call for 50 of the small bubbles, and 40 of the larger ones, as well as 80 small and 80 medium Christmas ornaments. You could scale down the size by using less bubbles and ornaments, though. If I were to make this for my dining room, I would make it much smaller. Still, I LOVE the idea and it sound totally do-able!

(This lady's lingerie is also a thing of beauty!)


  1. That chandelier is so inviting! It's like being in a bubble bath, so relaxing and pretty. :D

  2. Maybe that's why I like it so much. Bubbles are relaxing, and FUN!


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