Friday, July 23, 2010

Surprise Ball Gift Exchange

I read a lot of blogs, which lead me to reading other blogs. So I stumbled across the blog, "Oh, My Darling", where the author, Melissa, is sponsoring a gift exchange. I read the details, and was super excited.

You can use a plastic egg and fill it with whatever goodies you can fit inside. Then you wrap it with crepe paper. As you wrap the ball, you add all kinds of trinkets to the outside, so that when the recipient is unwrapping more items fall out of the ball.

What fun! It reminded me of being a little kid. This is the sort of thing I would love to start with my friends. If you would like to read about the Surprise Ball Gift Exchange, here's the link:

I'm hoping that the ball is easy to make. I guess it doesn't have to be perfectly round, but I'm such a perfectionist. I can't wait to get my buddy and start on this project! :)


  1. hey there :) we meet again! ;) I'm your surprise ball buddy! :) I can't wait to get started making your surprise ball! I already have a few ideas. ;)

    my email is angiemayhandmade [at] yahoo [dot] com

    <3 angie

  2. How exciting that we got paired together! I think we like a lot of the same stuff. :)


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